The University of Michigan is #2 in R&D spending among all U.S. universities

Michigan Engineering has 9 departments ranked in the top 10 nationally at both the graduate and undergraduate levels

The Ross School of Business is #1 in Leadership Development three years running

- Leadership Excellence 2010, 2009, 2008

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The following materials are required to complete the application for the Master of Entrepreneurship Program:

  1. Two (2) Letters of Recommendation: You must provide two letters of recommendation from individuals who can speak to your academic ability, potential for success in a rigorous graduate program, and interest in and experience with entrepreneurship. At least one letter should speak to your technical expertise. The online appliation will ask you to fill out contact information for your recommenders, who will receive an email with throrough instructions. We recommend you fill out this portion of the application and submit the recommender names (on the online application) prior to submitting your completed application. This will increase the chances that the letters of recommendation will be received in a timely fashion, and will not delay the review of your application. (Your application will not be reviewed until all materials, including the letters of recommendation, are received.)

  2. Transcripts (both electronic and official): Submit an electronic version of all relevant college and university transcripts. Upon admission, you will be required to submit an official transcript.

  3. Standardized test scores (sent from testing organization): Either the GRE General Exam or the GMAT Exam is required. The GRE subject test is not required and will not be considered in your application. International applicants must also provide their TOEFL or IELTS scores. Institution code: 1839.

  4. Technology Venture Exercise
    Technology being developed at the University of Michigan that is available for licensing is catalogued on the University of Michigan Office of Technology Transfer (UMOTT) website. As a part of the application process applicants are asked to select a technology of their choice from the UMOTT website, propose a new business based on that technology and upload their analysis as a .pdf file.

    Specifically, applicants should go to the UMOTT web site and click on "Available Technologies." There you can browse within the "Search areas of interest" box on the left. Choose one technology and identify one potential business that makes distinctive use of that technology.
    In your write-up, first identify the specific technology that you will work with. Provide the title and case number from the UMOTT site. Then, for your potential business that leverages this technology please explain:
    1. What is the problem you will solve? For whom? Identify a target customer segment, and an existing market need/desire within that segment that you propose to address. Where and who are these potential customers (geographically, demographically)?
    2. The specific product that you propose to meet customers' needs in your identified market, defined in sufficient detail for readers to clearly understand what it is and how it will work.
    3. Provide a rough estimate of how large the market is. That is, how many units per year can be sold in this market? We recognize you do not have time for primary market research and will have to rely on whatever data is easily accessible through public sources. We are more interested in your thought process for this exercise than the actual number.
    4. The closest competitors to your product. What products currently exist that address the same market need, and how is your product different from them?
    5. What you perceive as the greatest challenges to commercializing this technology via your new product idea.

    NOTE: This is a creativity and commercialization exercise, not a strictly scientific one. Highlight what the technology does (not how it does it) and what social needs or desires the technology's functionality can address. You ARE NOT required to work with your chosen technology if admitted to Michigan's Master of Entrepreneurship program, nor is there a commitement from the University that you will be able to wor with your chosen technology during the program. This exercise is strictly evaluative as part of your admissions application. It implies no commitment and does not constrain your freedom of motion in any way.

  5. Technology proposal (optional)
    If you wish to enter the Master of Entrepreneurship program with your own idea for a technology-based venture, please provide a high-level description of your technology and its potential market application. Include an explanation of where the technology is in its development life cycle, and indicate who owns the intellectual property. Then, complete the "Technology Exercise" for your technology. Note: Be sure not to disclose the specifics of any intellectual property that is not currently covered in a pending patent application or issued patent.

  6. Resume/CV
    You will be asked to upload a resume as a .pdf your personal resume/CV that includes at minimum the following information: Educational history: Institutions, dates, majors and degrees; Employment history: Organization, job, dates; Activities: Extracurricular activities, interests, hobbies, or other information you believe relevant to reflect your total self;  Recognition and awards: Distinctions relevant to our evaluation of your application

  7. Personal Statement
    You will be asked to craft and upload as a .pdf a personal statement that conforms to the following guidelines:
    1. Introduce yourself to your future Master of Entrepreneurship classmates (250 word maximum).
    2. Describe why you wish to pursue a Master of Entrepreneurship at the University of Michigan, and how you feel this degree will help you meet your professional objectives (250 word maximum).
    3. Describe a situation where you succeeded in an uncertain, challenging, and rapidly changing environment. How did you deal with it? What did you learn from that experience? (250 word maximum).
    4. Optional question: Is there anything else you think the Admissions Committee should know about you to evaluate your candidacy? (250 word maximum).
  8. Interviews: Interviews are by invitation only.

Important! We encourage you to request recommendations and all transcripts from your undergraduate and graduate institutions early in the application process. This allows your recommendations and transcript requests to be "in process" while you complete the remainder of the application.

Application Deadline: Application process has closed for the cohort beginning in 2014. Please check this page in September for information about the application schedule for the fall, 2015 cohort.